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Individual task for Statistics, part 2

1. It is necessary to receive the information about account (form #1 and form #2) for any company, beside of financial and actuary companies.
2. It is needed to calculate the following characteristics for each period:
a. Yield of capital investment (фондоотдача), fixed assets intensiveness (фондоемкость).
b. Rate of turnover (скорость оборота), rate of tie circulating capital (коэффициент закрепления оборотного капитала), inventory days on hand (продолжительность одного оборота), the value of free surplus of turnover(высвобожденный) and the value of laid-down (вовлеченный оборотный капитал) circulating assets.
c. Balance profit (балансовая прибыль или прибыль до уплаты налога), return on equity (общая рентабельность).
3. For each characteristic you need to find the total change, influences of different factors on the total change using multiplicative model which were considered on lectures.
4. You can take Russian textbook of microeconomic statistics by Ilienkova and study these chapters on your own.